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Esentai Park - Residences, Shopping Mall&Fitness

Esentai Park - Residences, Shopping Mall&Fitness




In January 2006, we signed a contract with ENKA and Capital Tower Developpement LLP in Almaty, Kazakhstan, for the partial rough construction of Esentai Park Project, which will take part in the heart of the project, located at the intersection of the Esentai River and Al-Farabi Boulevard.

Esentai Park, which will be the new city center of Almaty, has been developed for mixed use with an area of approximately 8.7 hectares and includes seven buildings. In the total area that reaches 368.000 m2, the project includes Esentai Tower and Ballroom, three Residential Towers, a Fitness Center and a Shopping Center.

With a height of 162 m and a construction area of 87,000 m2, the roughness of the Tower building was completed in the first half of 2008 and the fixture works were completed in June 2009. The structure is all equipped with the unique smart building system, that provides management servicess,includes many functions such as automated parking, offices, hotel, SPA and apartments, will be the highest building in Almaty.

The hotel facilities, the ballroom, SPA and residential apartments, and three Residence Towers in the Esentai Tower will be operated by Marriot.

Esentai Park Project is located at the intersection of Esentai River and Al-Farabi Boulevard in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
The buildings in the project are as follows:
-173 m high Esentai Tower
-Esentai Residences (A, B, C)
-Esentai Shopping Mall and Esentai Fitness

The Central Buildings are designed to withstand 8.5 earthquakes according to the Richter Scale.

Esentai Tower

Esentai Tower is a 37-storey mixed-use building with four basements below ground level. There are 4 basements reserved for parking area, ballrooms, offices, a hotel and residences.

Esentai Residences

The construction of Residence Block A, a 3 + 21-storey building with a total construction area of 63.000 m2 and consisting of 137 apartments, started in July 2006 and all engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) works were successfully completed in December 2009. Three basements of the building; the warehouse is used as technical floors reserved for the infrastructure installations of the building and common spaces reserved for the common use of the residences.

B and C blocks: Each block is a 2 + 21 storey building with shared parking floors. The blocks contain 18 duplex apartments and 268 standard apartments, with a total gross construction area of 89,000 m². The project was completed between June 2013 and December 2014, spending 5.7 million person-hours without any time loss.

Esentai Shopping Mall and Esentai Fitness Center

Esentai Shopping Mall is the retail and entertainment component of Esentai Park. It consists of four below ground and four above ground levels with a height of 28.41 m and total construction area of 104,000 m².

The building for Fitness consists of two underground levels. The total construction area is 24,000 m2 and the total height is 30.33 m, including two basement level floors.


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